The Pointsman Association is dedicated to the friendship and camaraderie of military police officers worldwide. Our motto is "To Honour and Remember".


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GREAT NEWS. The POINTSMAN ASSOCIATION is offering membership to all NATO serving or retired Military Police staff.

Authorized supplier of military regalia and corporate supporter of The Pointsman Association and its membership

Membership in The Pointsman Association is reserved for (1) a serving or (2) ex military police/Provost person or (3) a member of the Corps of Commissionaires who has worked for a Military Police unit for three years or more and (4) serving or ex-members of any Military Police unit. We invite applications from US members of the Military Police as well as NATO Military Police personnel.

Now is the time to send in your payment along with name and initials and badge number, plus a passport sized photo. If you have an "older" picture that you would like to use, please send and we will laminate it on your membership card. Please enclose a personal cheque or money order in the amount of $49.95 plus $8.00 for shipping and handling made payable to The Pointsman Association and receive your membership package, which includes the coin the wallet the membership card and your first year lapel pin and mail to:-

The Pointsman Association
900 Oxford St East
PO Box 33023 Bellwood PO
London Ontario N5Y 1A0

The Pointsman flags are available in full size and we may have a few desk flags with stands still in stock.

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